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February 23, 2016

Being a stay at home mom is wonderful but it can definitely make you a little crazy sometimes. Over the past few weeks I've noted a few of the things that made me laugh. The crazy things that I've done that makes me shake my head and laugh. The things that make me wonder if I need a second cup of coffee. It definitely makes things interesting around here, not like Solomon doesn't keep it interesting on his own, of course! 

one // When you hurt your back from carrying a heavy car seat and then you hobble around the house for a couple of days and look like a troll 

two // after running errands and meeting a friend for lunch, you return home to your couch, and while feeding your baby you actually wonder if you even put makeup on today.... you did, you just forgot 

three // and the nights that you get in bed and start feeding your almost sleeping baby only to remember you didn't wash your face 

four // walking to the car while holding your five month old and you open the front door to get in and drive away while still holding your baby, then you realize he needs to be in his car seat

that smile, making me crazy happy every single day!

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