Sadie Grace turns five.

February 22, 2016

Saturday morning was such a fun morning!! We took Solomon to the Greenville Children's Museum for the first time to celebrate Sadie Grace's fifth birthday. I've always said once we have kids we would get a membership for the museum since it has so many wonderful activities. You could literally spend all day there, it has three floors and so many fun activities to do and things to see. It is also the perfect place for a birthday party! Sadie Grace picked out a painting party and it was fun to watch all the kids light up when they realized there were going to paint! Of course my cousin Joni outdid herself again with an amazing cake, she is so talented!! 

Everyone loved making their mark on Sadie Grace's big piece of birthday art for her playroom wall, even Solomon got to leave a footprint! 

After all the stimulation and commotion, Solomon was more than ready for a nap while we walked around the rest of the museum! I can't wait to bring him back once he is walking so he can enjoy all the fun things to do.  

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