weekly three.

January 29, 2016

It has been a busy week in the best way! Time with friends, family, bible studies and a husband home all week long. This weekend is a busy one also, full of the same things.... friends, family and working on our bible study. That sweet husband is also going to Chicago on Sunday but we get to go with him this time!! I'm so excited to take Solomon with us for his first trip to the windy city. We have some warm winter wear for our little guy and I can't wait. 

Sweet cuddles with this sweet boy. He's even giving kisses when asked for them, not always, but when he does I wanna burst. 

Paaaaaaasta! With black olives and meatballs. Mmm!!!

The girls are finally laying eggs again! About time, it has been way too long without fresh eggs, and I don't even like eggs that much. 

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