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February 26, 2016

Peter has been gone for part of this week for work in Charleston and he's heading home today, then we all are going back to Charleston next week. I always get excited when he says he has a work trip in that beautiful city! This week has been a crazy one since every other day has been terrible for Solomon. I blame teething, but like always, I never see any red swollen gums?? One day he will prove me right and have some pearly whites poke through, until then I'll just love and cuddle him on the bad days! So, I'm sharing three things that made me happy this week with my moody little man, because he is always sweet, even when he feels bad!

My sweet little bee, love this outfit and that sweet face! The hat also kills me.

A lot of nursing and cuddles....

And sweet naps on the couch, I love his cuddles when he doesn't feel well. It is the only perk!
& obviously wearing my favorite comfy sweater a lot.... ;)

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