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February 12, 2016

It's Valentines Day weekend!!! We don't go crazy with Valentines, but it is pretty crazy to think about our big announcement a year ago. Now our little guy is here with us and covered in kisses every single day. I'm excited to have a fun weekend with family and love on my two guys, especially have a sushi date with that awesome husband of mine. Sushi is our love food after all... our first date ever, our first date after baby and so many dates just because we love sushi a lot. Hope you all have a weekend full of kisses and lots of love!

The best part about co-sleeping, the sweet good morning kisses. He has started waking me up with his little hands on my face in the most gentle and sweet way. I could eat him up!!

Coming back to the Midwife office/birthing center once a month for the Greenville Breast Feeding Support Group is my favorite! I get all the warm fuzzies every time I come back to this sweet place and see all the wonderful midwives again.

A belated birthday dinner with my dad's side of the family last night, yum!! Excited for my Birthday dinner tonight with my mom, also!

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