Solo in Charleston

February 29, 2016

We are relaxing in the hotel after a busy morning of walking and sightseeing the beautiful city of Charleston. It's days like today that make me so thankful for this wonderful stage of baby that I'm experiencing with Solomon. I am also very thankful for his cool-total extrovert, can nap anywhere, personality. It definitely makes things a whole lot easier and more fun. I hope that all of our children are this way, I know we are lucky!

Back to Charleston though.... man, it is beautiful! No matter how many times I visit, I'm always fascinated by the charm and southern beauty of the city. The cobblestone streets, the palm trees mixed with the huge southern oak trees covered in moss, bright colored houses and old brick houses, all of it is so nice. It kind of makes me want a big glass of sweet tea and a fried green tomato. I'm southern, what can I say?? 

Beautiful trees everywhere and the lemons on the front porch below had be swooning!

A nice little rest in the park for some playing and a diaper change, this weather is to die for! I'm so excited for Spring!!! 

This stage is definitely my favorite so far! There are so many things that make me want to burst from happiness everyday. Like, the way he smiles at me almost all the time. Or he constant jibberish, even if it sounds like he is saying Dada all the time, instead of Momma; they are the sweetest little sounds I've ever heard, and I have taken so many videos of him talking and playing so I will never forget what it sounds like. The adorable way that he instantly puts his hands over his mouth when he is laughing or smiling, it really kills me how sweet he is all the time. And I'll take all the big wet kisses he will give, even if he is fighting sleep when he gives most of them. Oh, and how he can sit and play for a good chunk of time now... pretty much everything he is doing is precious. This little season of baby is the best! 

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