Dinner Club Time!!!

February 28, 2011

Have I mentioned that I love my friends………?

Cause I do. 


I  also love Dinner Club with my favorite ladies every month!  One night a month full of food, fun, laughter and sangria this month!  That’s right… we had a DELICIOUS Fiesta!!!  February was at Katie’s house so she prepared the meat and veggies and we gals brought all the fixings.  I LOVE Mexican Food!!!  Seriously, I could eat it every day… so I was definitely excited about the theme Katie wanted to go with!  She had a little fun with the theme too… don’t ya think!?!

We had a mouth-watering spread, MmmMmmMmmmmmm!  I cheated a little bit and went to pick up the salsa and cheese dip from El Molcajete on East North Street but that’s okay!!  It’s totally worth it!  Kelly didn't mind either!! 

And the cute host was adorable in her apron!!

Even if she did burn the taco shells.... haha, don't worry!!  It's very easy to do, Katie Ayer!! 
At least you looked cute while you did it!! ;) 
Don't worry though... we had extras and they were PERFECTO!

After some tacos we headed outside since the weather was just perfect for a light jacket… unless your Maddie! 

Sweet Madison & Kelley! 

 Beth and I! 

And of course, Jocie & Katie!

We played spoons, my first time.  
Found out I’m not a HUGE fan because I don’t prefer to be injured while I play card games! 

But as always it was a wonderful night with fantastic women!  We had the best conversations and decided that we need to record our times together because we think it would give “The Hills” a run for its money!   I voted for the name “The Foothills” everyone else thought “The Future Housewives of GVegas” and I’ve gotta admit, that’s a solid name for a hit show. 

I love these ladies so much!!!
((Jocie… we were so bummed you had already left!!))

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