February 3, 2011


I really can't believe how fast MY BIRTHDAY has arrived this year!!!!  I seriously feel like yesterday was Christmas.... my mom always told me that the older you get the faster time flies by but I never believed her. 

I do now.... 

I'm lucky enough to have MY BIRTHDAY off without having to use ANY vacation time thanks to the classes that I taught this week.  I started my day off with a wonderful hour-long workout at the gym!  I figured since I am 24 and my metabolism is probably going to screech to a dead stop any time now I should start my 24th year of life on the right foot.... which is on the elliptical for 2 miles at least 3 times a week.  Or that's what I'm going to TRY and do!  

For the rest of MY BIRTHDAY I am going to spend it with people I LOOOOVE!  

I'm going to meet Peter for lunch at Midtown Deli... YUUUUUM Grilled Chicken Wrap!  Then i'm going to squeeze some shopping in because I have to have new outfits for MY BIRTHDAY weekend... of course!!  After that I have an appointment with the most beautiful hair stylist around, Amanda Mulford!  I love having my hair washed, cut and styled by one of my best friends... maybe she will have a glass of champagne for me?!?  A girl can dream!! ;)  Then I'm crossing my fingers for a TCBY date with the Bestest, Jocie!!!  

I'm super pumped for a wonderful BIRTHDAY full of fun!  To complete the perfect day I have a dinner planned at Harry&Jeans with 12 of my closest friends!!!  I truly am blessed and that's the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER!!!

After the wonderful weekend there will be a picture filled blog, trust me!  :-D

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