Best B-DAY Ever Wrap Up... and a date night!

February 5, 2011

Thursday was the BEST Birthday EVER!  It was so nice to have the day off and enjoy it! 

On my last post I mentioned the possibility of shopping and I definitely lucked out!!!  On a whim I went to Target just to see what they had since I haven’t been there in a while and I was so happy I did.  I got THREE pair of jeans for only $50!  2 Trouser style that I have been trying to find for a loooooong time, one dark denim and one that’s a medium wash and more relaxed style… and then a pair of skinny black jeans, which I have also been trying to find for a while.  Clearly, I was super happy!  Also found a lovely shirt at Marshall’s that you will see in the pictures below!!

I believe with my WHOLE heart that I have the best friends in the entire world!  God has truly blessed me and I love it!  My Birthday Dinner was so amazing thanks to the special people in my life.  Here are some highlights below!

All the ladies that aren’t only friends but the sisters I never had! 

My wonderful Mother and Auntie Laura!!!
So glad she could come but we missed you Auntie Peg!

 My wonderful boyfriend, of course!!

My favorite meal at Harry & Jeans, 
Filet Marsala with Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

 It was such a perfect night!!!
Thanks everyone that came and made my Birthday AMAZING!

Last night was supposed to be dinner with my Dad’s side of the family but the rainy cold weather ruined everything.  My Grandmother can’t go out in the cold wet air since she has a high possibility of getting Bronchitis so we decided that it would be wiser if we waited till a better time, but that means we will have to wait till next week sometime.  It’s fine though, I’d rather her stay healthy anyways! 

Since "Its my Birthday weekend" and because my boyfriend is amazing I got to decide on what we did last night... I was craving my favorite salad from Green Room but Peter thought of The Bohemian which we haven't been to in a while.  To be honest, I sadly forgot about it!  I always get the Pimento and Cheese Burger from there but Peter said I should step out of the box.... and I did. 

Dinner started with a delicious beer! 
Mine was a Lion Stout (I think...?) 
and it was soooo yummy!  

Then we had a salad, a LOT like the 
one I was craving!  Very tasty with spinach
strawberries, candied walnuts, blue cheese,
prosciutto and a ginger soy dressing. 
Also a side of Hummus and pita bread!!! 

And then I stepped outside of my comfortable, yummy box... 
and got a special and I can't even remember what they called it. 
It had couscous with a stew with chicken, olives, artichokes, and spices.

Now, I am not a complainer... especially when Peter is paying for my dinner but it was HORRIBLE! 

I picked at it, trying to enjoy it and when he asked if I liked it I couldn't lie... I mean, we've been together for over 2 years now so I can be honest!!!  Now his was amazing!!!  Trout on top of linguini in a cream sauce full of shrimp, sausage, and craw fish.  SO GOOD!  Thankfully he wasn't super hungry after the beer, salad, and hummus so he shared with me!  THANKS BABE!

As for today... went to the gym on a Saturday!  I KNOW... I'm taking this 24th year thing seriously because I've never been in a gym on a Saturday.  haha!!  Now I'm going to get ready for a baby shower for a sweet baby boy on the way and tonight I have another Birthday Celebration for MADISON!!!!!!  Can't wait!!! 

Happy Weekending Everyone!!!! :-D

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