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February 12, 2011

Friday night was awesome!!  Thanks to our wonderful friend Allen Sligh (aka Chris Sligh's brother) we got reserved tickets for Winter Jam at the Bilo Center which also meant that we got to go in early and found a great seat.  We were VERY thankful once we saw the line that was a mile long full of crazy, screaming kids!!  

The show was so great!  It's such a powerful thing to be in a VERY large room with TONS of people that are worshiping one God.  David Crowder Band was insane, Francesca Battistelli was adorable, and everyone else was awesome too.  

I just can't get over how awesome David Crowder is though... he is incredible.  This was my second time seeing him live, the first time was a few years ago at Passion where I got to enjoy his music for THREE days so last night was a tease.  BUT, it was still wonderful!  

We snuck out early so we could beat all the traffic and went to Carolina Ale House for dinner... where I was VERY good and ate a Grilled Chicken Salad.  I've stayed under my points every day this week & I had a total of 15 points from working out so I thought it would be very reasonable for me to have a little cheese and ranch dressing on my salad! ;)  I definitely enjoyed it!  We had a great time with our little, double date fun night.  I'm so blessed to have these 3 people in my life!! 

We also adopted a little boy from India!!  :)  He is so adorable... Peter said he wanted a little girl but when we got back to the tables and started looking at all of the sweet faces we both pointed at the same one and he looked so much like a baby Peter. haha... of course we had to pick him.  

Tomorrow is Sunday which means the weekend is almost over!! :(  Why must it go by so fast?!?! I'm having a mini Birthday celebration with my Dad's side of the family at Green Room for Brunch after church.  I'm pretty excited.  Have a YUMMY Bloody Mary and some awesome food... and since it will be so beautiful I might squeeze some gelato in as well!  YUM! 

Just a little update on my Grandma... she is doing well, the main vein behind her knee was 100% blocked but they were able to open the vein and insert a stint. Which means she should have enough blood flow to save her foot... that's if she starts eating the way she should.  I was spending some time with her today and helping her write down her grocery list, which also meant I was informing her that she did NOT need half the things she was asking for.  It's definitely going to be a uphill battle for her since she's never had a healthy diet.  I told her I was going to do some research and figure out what she should be eating every day and help her with it.  Please keep up the prayers for her and our family while we try and help her.  She can be stubborn woman... but then again we all can!! ;) 

Hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend and have a blessed Sunday! 

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