a lot of food and a new baby!

February 28, 2011

I’ve noticed that my weekends are always very busy and I never have time to blog.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it’s usually because I have some SUPER fun plans with the awesome people that I’m honored to call my family and friends.  

On Friday night Peter, Jocie, Adam and I went out on a fun double date!  We tried a new Thai Restaurant 
on Woodruff Road, Bon Thai and it was wonderful.  Everything was delicious but the desserts were lacking a bit.
I instantly knew where I wanted to go!!!  Now to explain the picture above....... 
If you haven't been to Sciortinos Trattoria Pizzeria then you have to go! 
The Pizza's are amazing, pastas are perfect and the desserts are to DIE for!  My favorite is obviously the Tiramisu!
Everything is homemade there and the owners are from Bronx, NY so it's definitely legit!  Seriously, go try it this weekend!!! You can thank me later. 

And the second wonderful thing from the weekend... the precious, adorable, and STYLISH new member of the Family! 
My cousin, Joni had her first baby while I was in NJ last weekend and I finally got to meet her on Saturday!!! 
She is obviously saying hello to all of you! ;) 
She was so sweet and cuddly and after visiting for a while she finally opened her eyes to meet me too!  I just LOVE her to pieces!!! 

The last highlight of the weekend was helping and kind of learning how to make Kibbeh Labanieh!!!
This is my FAVORITE of favorites and I always get super excited when I hear Peter's mom is making it. 
When we got to his house after church his Mom was busy starting the dish and 
I got to jump right in and help out... I mainly did a lot of stirring and watching but it was nice! 
It tasted incredible too... I'm definitely a great stirrer. ;) 

So... I hope everyone else had a super, fantastic, wonderful, amazing, blissful WEEKEND!  & I'm sure next weekend I'll have more than just 3 highlights!  

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