Little Miss Beautiful!!

February 17, 2011

I've been so stinkin excited about finally meeting sweet baby Adelyn for DAYS now... to be honest I've been dying to meet her since she was born over a month ago!!!!  Today was finally the day!  

Her Mom and I went to High School together and became very close during all of our Dance Team activities and of course we talked about our future and how we would love to get married and have babies so it's so exciting to watch her as a MOMMY now!!!  She is amazing too...

Anyways... on to the itty bitty, sweet, adorable, gorgeous baby!!!! 
I mean, look at those cute little lips!!  She is so pretty! 

Mom said she was going to hold her first because...
"I birthed you and if I didn't HAVE you then you wouldn't be friends with Megan and you wouldn't even be able to see Adelyn!"

hahaha!!!  Well, that didn't last long because the second I got in the
house that baby didn't stand a chance... she was in my arms in less than 15 seconds! 

I absolutely love her!!!!  
Love you too Megan, I can't wait to see both 
of them again on Monday!!! 


brittneybolt said...

so cute!!! i cant wait to meet her on Saturday!!

Cassie said...

She is so beautiful!!! Even MORE beautiful in person... and all those faces she makes are so adorable!

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