February 15, 2011

HA!!!  Gotcha.......

if you thought this post was going to be about something that might sparkle and twinkle on my left hand then you are wrong

This exciting post is about the fun weekend I will have seeing all the sparkles in NYC!!!  That's always the first thing I think of when I think of New York... Sparkles!!!!

I mean, check out all those lights!!!  I. LOVE. IT.  We are leaving on Saturday morning at 9:30 from Greenville and we'll come back on Monday, which I have off thanks to Presidents Day!  Gotta love Bank Holidays!!! ;) 

The 19th is also Mimi's (Peter's Sister) Birthday so we are going to the city for a super fun night of Birthday Celebration!!!  I know it will be a blast because anytime the Eliya family are together it's a blast.  If you remember this Family Reunion Blog you will remember the awesome weekend I had and it was all because of his wonderful family!  Sisters, Brother, Joy, Cousins, his amazing Mom... I love them ALL!  So this weekend will definitely be a blast! 

Of course I will take pictures and remember every detail so I can write the normal, re-cap blog!  I love writing those so one day when I'm old and grey I can read them and remember every detail...  

Ready for Hump Sushi Day tomorrow!!!  We might have a double date set up with a VERY awesome couple!  Crossing my fingers!!!


... said...


Thanks for your sweet comment about my blog! And thanks for reading it!

Have a BLAST in NYC. Best city ever. I lived there for 2010 so if you want any suggestions about shows to see or places to eat, let me know! ENJOY YOUR TRIP! I'm pretty jeal.



Cassie said...

Thanks Liza, this will be my 6th trip to NY and since it's a SUPER short trip I know I will be packed full of family time...

Totally agree though, BEST city ever!

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