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February 22, 2011

The exciting NJ/NY trip started off great, like I’ve said MANY times… if I am flying with Peter I have GREAT luck.  By myself…? not so much.  So I was feeling pretty nice about the plane ride.  We didn’t have the BEST seats since we were more than half way back and it was also a SMALL plane with one seat on the left and 2 on the right so I realized VERY quickly that it was a tiny plane!  Still felt pretty safe though since I had my lucky charm. 

The whole flight was great until the last 30 minutes.  The pilot told everyone there was “some” turbulence ahead but I was not expecting anything this severe.  I’ve always been sensitive to motion in a car or an airplane but THIS was something horrible.  I had to take deep breaths and close my eyes, trying to relax while my wonderful boyfriend massaged my hand... after a few minutes I was actually feeling a little but better but then.......................

Worst thing that could have happened… 2 seats in front of me someone completely LOST it! 

I guess they didn’t have someone sweetly squeezing their hand!  To makes things even worse, he had no paper bag… so yea, it was all over his lap and chest.  I felt so bad for the guy.  One by one everyone started reaching for the air nozzles and I sat holding my nose with my free hand since Peter didn’t let go of my left the entire time while he tried to help with the nausea! 

Once we finally landed everything was much better… we got off, had some fresh New Jersey Air and went to pick up lunch with Peter’s sister, Jane at Trader Joe’s!  For most of Saturday we lied around the house and watched some TV and enjoyed time with his sisters. 

That night we all got dressed up for a night in NYC to celebrate Mimi’s Birthday!!! 

We went to her favorite place for a 5 course meal… it was all wonderful!

We started with a few fried yummies! 
Calamari, Stuffed Eggplant, Stuffed Mushroom, and an Oyster.

Then moved on to a crisp, sweet and sour salad!
The lettuce was covered with balsamic dressing with blue cheese and candied walnuts!

My favorite part of the meal was the PASTA!
It was the best flavor… some kind of alfredo, pesto, amazingly creamy sauce!

I made me self hold back though because I had to safe for THIS!
Delicious, juicy filet with mashed potatoes, mushrooms in gravy and veggies.

After becoming completely stuffed I had to try at least a FEW bites of this!
Poached Pear with Raspberry and Chocolate sauce!  YUM!
And isn't this just BEAUTIFUL!

Everything was SO good!!!  It was a long night and we didn’t get home till around 3:30 but it was worth it to celebrate with Mimi!!  I’m so glad we made it this year!  

Sunday Morning was rough… we were all dragging, especially Peter and I!  We had some amazing lunch at his Grandmothers house where I got to enjoy Stuffed Grape Leaves and Lentil Soup!  Two of my FAVORITE things!!!  We also had a little sweet tooth so we had this…

Talk about AMAZING!!!  It was a HUGE Butterfinger Cupcake.  Needless to say, I wasn’t counting points over the weekend!  This was the inside and a few little yummies too!! :-P

We enjoyed some time with the family and it was apparently purple day!  We all woke up and got dressed without seeing each other and look at the attire… so funny!!  We had to take a picture to capture the special color of the day. 

So, since this is apparently a food blog today I might as well show you the dinner we had later that night!  We went to Sultan’s to have my FAVORITE Arabic food!!  This is very hard to find since most people can’t make it because the meat has to be extremely fresh.  Please don’t judge… it’s the BEST thing ever!  It's called Kibbeh Neyeh.  It's made with cracked wheat mixed with ground meat.  Some eat it by itself but I put a piece in pita with sauce. 

Here's some of the other delicious COOKED meat... Lamb, Chicken Kabobs, Meat Kabobs, and a WHOLE chicken.  We were stuffed.  I didn't get to take pictures of all the awesome dips we had before the main meals.  

It was AAAAAAMAZING!  I loved it!  
If any of you ever go to NJ you have to find this place! 

The flight home was amazingly easy except for the 30 minute delay because of changing a tire which was perfectly fine with me, Safety First right!?!  There was also no bumps which I was VERY thankful for... mainly because that poor guy I mentioned earlier, yea well... he was sitting RIGHT in front of ME! 

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