Night of Super Duper FUUUUN!

February 8, 2011

So, let me start by saying that I had 1 glass of wine and 2 mixed drinks so I was completely sober during the pictures below.... 

I just have amazing friends that I can't help but have a COMPLETE blast with.  And I'm so thankful for that!!! 

Okay, now onto the night of SUPER DUPER FUN!!! 

We started the night with plans on eating dinner and having drinks at Carolina Ale House but we were a little iffy about getting a table for 15 people (We tried to make reservations... apparently they don't take them on weekends.  yes, very dumb!) but we thought we'd give it a shot!  After finding out there would be a TWO hour wait for a table we figured that wasn't going to work.  After calling and texting everyone we decided on Sassafras.  Once again, no way they could seat 15 people.  THANK GOD for Trio's... it was amazing, they were so nice and everyone could fit at one table!!!  

I enjoyed a glass of Kendal Jackson, Chardonnay and 
some delicious pasta with this handsome man beside me!  
sidenote:my hair looks REALLY red recently and I LOVE IT!  :D

After some dinner we went down to Rey's for a little bit...
 Girls picture, with Peter creeping of course!
....he thinks he's funny.

My BEAUTIFUL friend, inside and out!
I absolutely LOVE sharing Birthday fun with her every year. 
I know for a fact that we will never have a Birthday without thanking of each other, 
even when we are in our 80's I'm sure we will call each other and say 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY... or hopefully we will be celebrating with a glass of wine like we do now. ;)

Of course we can't go out dancing without shakin it at Blu Martini!!! 
It's a must... no doubt about it.  We had SO much fun!!!
I know I say this a lot BUT, I LOVE MY FRIENDS!
Despite Peter's face I will remind you that we were all sober. haha!!

Ever since High School I have had the joy of "doing life" with these two!  
I really am blessed!!!

This picture was actually upside down before I downloaded it because
Peter thought it would be fun to take a picture with a camera thats... well, 
upside down. Clearly we thought it was funny since we are having a 
little chuckle mid picture.  This reminds me of a picture we took in HS 
on Senior Day right before graduation.  I am so happy we still love each other!

So, those are just a few highlights of the Birthday Fun!  I'm so excited to see what 24 has in store for me... it's going to be a wonderful year, I can feel it!!  

For a Monday today was pretty solid.... not too busy at work so I got some much needed catch up work done BUT I still got to chat with my wonderful co-workers.  

Had a nice workout AND I got to go watch Peter play basketball.  Thankfully without any injuries tonight.  He also scored!!!  When the ball went in the net I almost screamed but I held it back and settled for a very loud clap.  I was screaming and jumping on the inside though!!  They totally kicked butt all game so I was a proud girlfriend... it didn't hurt that I was sitting on the wrong side of the court with the other team.  Not sure if they enjoyed my clapping the entire time... 

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