Heart Day!

February 14, 2011

Since Peter and I treat each other like it’s Valentines Day EVERY day… ;)  We decided that we didn’t need to go out for a nice dinner or exchange gifts, which I was completely fine with.  On Saturday night I was enjoying some delicious tilapia, rice & salad with Peter and his mom then all the sudden he got up from the table and walked away… when he came back he had this!

With a smile on his face he said Happy Valentines!  Of course I was super excited but instantly felt HORRIBLE because I didn’t buy him anything because we said we weren’t going to do GIFTS!!  Of course I tore the bag open and found two beautiful pieces from Christina Nicole Studios!  I’m so lucky to have such a talented friend… and a sweet boyfriend!! 

The earrings are actually named “Cassie’s Earrings” because she knows my love affair with anything Cameo! 
These are absolutely beautiful and so classy… LOVE them!!  
The blurry camera picture REALLY does NOT do them justice! 

I also got a little extra surprise with this hair clip.  
I’ve been wearing my hair pinned back a lot lately so this will be perfect!
I love how earthy and organic it is.

Since I couldn’t go all Valentines without giving Peter something after his sweet surprise I went to Macy’s to pick up a watch he’s had his eye on.  I was told even after the gift he gave me that I still shouldn’t buy him anything… well; he’s crazy if he thinks I will agree to that!  I called Macy's and after waiting for a minute or two I finally got in touch with the Watch Department.  

A lady that was not the friendliest of saleswomen told me that she was "swamped" and she would have to put me on hold.  10 minutes later (no lie) I hung up and called the number again.  A few minutes later she finally picked up... again.  I informed her (in a very nice tone) that I was just placed on hold and I needed to know if the watch was available as soon as possible since I was driving 40 minutes to come pick it up, Spartanburg to Haywood Mall... she once again said she was "swamped" and asked if she could call me back on my cell.  I told her that was perfectly fine.

5 minutes later she called back.  I told her the watch I was looking for and she said that they only had a few brown leather band watches and they haven't sold any for weeks so it's definitely there.  I described the one I was going to buy and she said "yes, I will put it on hold."  I gave her my name and drove to Haywood Mall... skipping the gym for the night.  

I finally arrive at Macy's and have to park WAY far away but its fine, it's worth it!!  I run in, head down stairs to the Watch Department and found no one there.  I start looking around and didn't see the watch in the case but I didn't worry because she put it on hold.... after finally finding a lady working on earrings I asked her who was over the Watch Department?  She looked at me with this blank stare and said "oh... me." and just stood there.  I wanted to laugh but instead I patiently said "okay, can you help me?"

We walked over to the watches and I said "I called earlier and you placed the watch on hold for me, the name is Cassie."  I assumed it was the same lady since she sounded EXACTLY the same... she informed me that she didn't place anything on hold for anyone today.  I smiled, took a breath and said "oh, okay... well it was the Kenneth Cole watch with the brown leather band, could you check in the Holds?"  She opened a drawer behind the counter and said "I don't see anything...? sorry honey."

I wanted to scream!  She then told me where the watches were with brown leather bands but the one that was SUPPOSED to be on hold for me to buy was not there!  I told her this but she said "I'm sorry... I don't know what to tell you.  That's all we have and I don't see anything on hold."  Then I turned around and walked away.  I couldn't even speak.

What I learned this Valentines Day....
1. I will NEVER shop at Macy's again!  Or at least not in the Watch Department! 
2. I should have guessed that Peter would buy me something even if he said he wouldn't. 
3. I will never believe him again if he says we are doing the "no gift thing"... NO SIR!  
4. I'm a very lucky woman because the whole time I was telling him the story above he had that sweet smile on his face and simply said, "I told you not to buy me anything."

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines filled with lots of love… and chocolate!! ;)

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