24 DAYS!!!!

March 1, 2011

and I will be here……

with these BEAUTIFUL Ladies!

Oh, how I love them so!!!

  Katie and I are very excited, mainly because our favorite show is filmed in Wilmington.

We both have been obsessed for the longest time… Jocie not so much but she will have fun too! 

We are going on a tour of the set that includes One Tree Hill, all kinds of movies and Dawson’s Creek too since it was also filmed in Wilmington.  We will of course do lots of eating and shopping… that’s a given!  And hopefully we will go on a ghost tour!!! YAY! 

More than anything I am exited to have some Joc and Katie Ayer time!  It’s definitely long over due.   So the count down has begun… TWENTY FOUR DAYS! I can NOT wait!!!!!!


jillian said...

AHHHHH I am also truly, truly obsessed with One Tree Hill! I didn't get into it until last winter when my mom and I bought the first season box set before we got snowed in. We finished the first two seasons in 4 days. The rest is drama, tears, and a ridiculously huge crush on Jake Jagielski, who sadly never reappeared after Peyton broke his heart. I actually had a dream we got married once. (That's when you know you have a real problem.) Anyway, have SO MUCH FUN on this trip!!! Can't wait to see more pics! :)

Cassie said...

hahaha, isn't it the BEST!?!?! I've been to Wilmington once but didn't get to do the tour and sight-see as much as I wanted. So yes, I am super excited and I will take plenty of pictures.

and HOPEFULLY I will run into Brooke Davis. That would totally make my entire year. I want to be her when I grow up... seriously!

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