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February 24, 2017

I can't believe it is Friday already! This week has been wildly productive and I feel so good about it. The week didn't start off that great but I thankfully shook the negativity thanks to some prayers and quiet time with the Lord. So sweet how He always does that for me! I also had some whining/complaining with Peter, and he's also so sweet to make me feel better and talk it out with me. This weekend is going to be fun, I'm excited to host a baby shower with a friend tomorrow for another sweet friend of ours! Baby girls, everything is so sweet and pink! I can't wait :)

Most of my morning breakfast consist of fruit and yogurt with Solomon, so I love to splurge on yummy carb filled awesomeness on Wednesday morning at my Mom2Mom bible study!!! Yum!

Something about making lists and checking them off makes things so much easier. I'm excited to share my little routine I started this week, soon!

Beautiful weekend starting with a morning spent downtown with cousins and friends! Playing outside and eating tacos....

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