last leap littles.

February 28, 2017

^^^ this sweet smile that looks so much like his daddy!! I love it when I see pieces of my favorite man in my favorite boy....

I've been a huge fan of the Wonder Weeks information for babies development since it has always been spot on for Solomon. I was always so relieved to understand why he was acting all kinds of crazy and found comfort in knowing that it was happening for a reason. We have battled through the last leap during the past few weeks and I lost count of all of the times that I felt a hard tug on my heart about it. The last leap. My baby is officially a non leaping toddler. Cue the tears. I wanted to keep a few of the special little moments that I know I would forget if I didn't write them down..... 

one // all the sweet cuddles better stick around. Constant kisses, wanting to snuggle and the napping cuddles have made me so happy. We are also trying to figure out our sleeping routine in our house and I'm still not sure what we are going to do, to be honest. I was waiting for this leap to end so we could figure out our plan.... so now it's time and I'm still making excuses and putting off the nightweaning process! Not sure if it's because I'm not ready to quit, or that I'm not ready to lose weeks of sleep! Ha, a little bit of both to be honest!

two // the amount of times I said, no whining or be nice, are way too many to count. As much as I want the cuddles to stick around, I want the moodiness to leave. Ironic how those two things go hand in hand, lately. Tantrums are a real thing in our house now!

three // 
the talking is unreal! I can tell he truly understands what I'm saying and will even repeat it back to me sometimes. Like when I give him some food or a toy and I say "here you go" he says it back to me. So funny! He is also saying please and thank you without being told over and over. Of course we have to remind him but he is getting so much better about doing it on his own.

four // 
timeout is officially a thing in our house. He is now sitting in timeout (for just one minute) without moving from his spot and he understands he's in trouble for doing something. After the minute is up I tell him to come to me and I explain why he was in timeout and he says sorry and gives me a hug (or his friend/cousin for doing something to them, he is a big fan at throwing things right now). So far it is working out well. There have been times when he has made me angry and I have popped his hand in response. I've learned in those moments that I really don't like doing that and I don't want that to be my first response to bad behavior. He also doesn't really care, even laughs sometimes when I have done it. Timeout seems to click in his brain more.

five // 
loving books so much. I remember trying to read him books when he was much younger and he didn't care at all. I was so worried he wouldn't be a book lover and I wanted him to enjoy reading so badly. I'm so happy that he is enjoying them now. He could read books all day long and he loves to go pick one out at the bookshelf, then take it back and get another to read. He gets that big grin on his face and does a little happy dance when it is time to read one.

the itsy bitsy spider, with those sweet little hands I love so much!!!
little boy, you wreck my heart in the best way possibly. I thank God for you every single day!

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