spring in february.

February 13, 2017

The weather this winter has been amazing!!! Barely cold (I wasn't a fan of this during Christmas but now it makes me happy!) & it has made getting out of the house so much fun. Especially with a little guy that LOVES to be outside and explore. We had a cousin in town over the weekend to celebrate a family wedding, so we decided to show her around downtown, since the weather was perfection Saturday morning. Despite the surprise flat tire, we still made it just in time for brunch (more on that later this week!!) and a nice little stroll around. Fitting in all the fun things that downtown has to offer; food, beer, gelato & some playtime at Falls Park!

We don't get to see Diana as often as we'd like & Solomon has become a big fan. We were thankful for the extra hands and feet to help chase him around!

Also, the way that Peter and Solomon have been matching lately (and not on purpose at all) kind of kills me! I mean, look at this.... blue shirt, jeans and grey shoes. Talk about making my wife & momma heart almost explode.
"doooooock" aka, duck in Solomon language.

clearly getting close to naptime. These sleepy eyes are so sweet!

Falls park was crazy busy, looks like everyone was enjoying the perfect weather!

& this picture perfectly displays the fearlessness in our crazy boy! He never thinks any hill is too high to run down. I was actually talking to Diana before taking this picture about how I like to imagine seeing things in Solomon's eyes. I was wondering how big that hill seemed to him. Probably the biggest mountain he's ever seen, for sure. But there he went, walking all the way to the top, turns around with a big smile and runs down. I hope he always keeps his sense of adventure. He definitely gets it from his daddy!

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