a lot of pink and flowers.

February 27, 2017

Katie and I were so excited to love on our friend Jill and spoil her a little bit on Saturday. We are also very excited to meet her baby girl, very soon! I can't believe Jill's due date is almost here. We have been taking about March for a long time, and here it is... I'm so excited to see my sweet friend become a mother of two. I know she is going to rock it and continue to look like a superstar momma!!

the momma asked for quiche, so I made quiche!!
So many asked for my recipe, so I think I'm going to share it here soon!

thanks to my mom for making these cute little ritz peanutbutter bites & for driving all over Greenville for last minute things!!

I found this sweet little book at TJ Maxx and I thought it would be nice to have all the guests write a little note to baby girl. I pray that she knows the Lord one day and learns how love others with his undying love.

So many sweet girly things!!! Bows, tiny little hats and hand made goodies!

Solomon was excited that big brother showed up to play with him for a bit!
Also a big thanks to my SIL who watched Solomon during the shower since Daddy was out of town... it was so helpful!!

We love you, Jill!! And we love your baby girl (& sweet John Fredrick) so much already!
Come on baby girl, we are ready to meet you!!!

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