weekly three.

February 17, 2017

We have had a good week at home even with Peter being away. Luckily, he came home earlier than expected and we are spending today in Asheville! I love when we have unexpected and unplanned things to do. Diana is still in town with us and Solomon is in love. Her name is pronounced Dee-anna, so we are pretty sure Solomon is calling her banana. Yesterday morning when he woke up he opened his eyes and said "Nana" which is his way of asking for Banana.... or Diana, I guess? haha, it was pretty cute! It's going to be sad for her to leave, but I'm excited to spend some time with her in Asheville before she heads home!!! Hope you all have a fun weekend!

beautiful tulips that Diana brought for my birthday. Tulips are my favorite!!

some couch cuddles during a late afternoon nap!

yummy chicken soup for dinner last night.

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