Tip Toe

October 6, 2011

Who knew Old Navy had finger nail polish??? I didn't know that. It's awesome too! The bottle says Tip Toe on it, hence the post title. 

My wonderful co-worker let me borrow her super duper awesome Nail Spa! Its for gel paint but you can use normal polish as well. I'm going to buy one ASAP! This thing is awesome!

Mom, Mine & Madison
A lovely night of nail heaven was had last night... 

See how excited Madison was.... 

She's so cute!! :) 
Love her.

So this machine and it's amazing blue light in addition to the gel foundation paint and top coat paint your nail color will last for a month... if not longer!!! Heck to the Yes! Amazon... here I come!!! 

Random event of the day.... 
I was walking across the street with Katie Ayer after having some tasty lunch when a REALLY old truck was passing by us. I'm sure my mouth fell open as I stared at whatever was driving it. I say whatever because a skinny older man had on a long black, curly wig with bright red lipstick. When we made eye contact he looked at Katie and I said yelled "sexy".... I was petrified! Katie and I stopped and looked at each other dumbfounded. I swear, I've never had something so bizarre happen in downtown Greenville.  During the day. At lunch time. So odd! 

Thank God tomorrow is Fridaaaaay! I need a weekend something terrible. 
Lots of shower planning for a very important lady that I may have had lunch with today!!! ;) 


Anonymous said...

I usually read your blog through my RSS feeds in my email so I haven't been here in a while and i just want to say I LOVE the new look!

Second, I want one of those nifty little spa machines! How much?!

Cassie said...

Thanks!! :) I love it too...
You can find the machine on Amazon, $55 I think!

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