Random Blurbs {Part Dos}

October 13, 2011

Happy ALMOST Friday! :) I figured since I was in a rush to get ready for Amanda's Birthday PARTAY I'd share a few quick Random facts today. Just get some things out in the air... express myself! Here we go....

1. I was recently told that my pants were too big and I needed to have them taken up. This would be a GREAT if it weren’t for two things…
A) I’ve already had them taken in TWICE &  B) they are one of my favorite pairs of pants that I guess I will have to send to Goodwill. Oh well, at least I’m not needing to “let them out” because they are too tight.

2. I have a plant on my desk that a co-worker gave me that I seriously don’t even notice or think about until the ladies that water our plants come by to water it. I think I finally understand how I killed a cactus once.

3. I’m officially tired of my Otterbox phone case for my iPhone 4 and I don’t know what I should get….? I found a great deal on an adorable Kate Spade case on Amazon but then I also like the cases on the website.  Any advice? What do you ladies prefer on your phone?

4. My boss said to me this week…. “Cassie, are you always this happy or do you act this way to make me happy?” He’s a very blunt person… extremely KIND and SWEET but blunt none the less… so I smiled and said “I try and be happy all the time.” He smiled at me and said “Good… I like you!”
I’ve also asked him to adopt me several times. Maybe he is warming up to the idea….

5. I’m not much of a “reality TV” fan… I’ll watch the Kardashian’s if they are on, and by watch I mean mess around on the computer while I slightly pay attention to the show that’s on which is exactly what I did earlier this week but of course I got sucked in like normal.  After the show went off I was getting ready for bed when I heard a new show come on, Dirty Soap. 
Oh dear, I couldn’t help myself. I don’t even like Soaps and I am embarrassed to admit that I actually stayed up and watched the entire show. I may or may not have searched to see when it was coming on again so I could record it.
Do not judge. I don’t watch the Real Housewives and whatever city they are from… yuck. 

Hope you all had a blessed day & hopefully you are all getting ready for the weekend ahead with a smile on your pretty faces!! 

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