Happy Ears

October 17, 2011

First of all let me say that Saturday night was simply amazing. I didn't even realize that Shane & Shane's new CD  was out yet and honestly, I never enjoy shows that play a lot of songs that I don't know for some reason so I was a little worried. Well, that was not the case at all... every single new song they played I absolutely LOVED. They were all awesome and I caught my self totally cheesing a few times because I was so happy!!! I bought the CD and I jammed the whole way home and haven't stopped listening to it since. Seriously, great CD and you should go buy it now! 

Bethany Barnard was amazing as usual. I want to be her... She sang a couple new songs too and they were great, I wish she'd hurry up with a new CD but I understand she's a Mommy now so I guess she's forgiven.

Freely opened the show and I had never heard of them before but I totally love them now. You should definitely check them out. The lead singer has awesome hair. He also has a great voice... so that's good too. 

As promised I have two videos that I want to share! :) I wish I could have recorded more but I wanted to sit and enjoy it, taking it all in and not fooling around with my phone.  Here's what I got... both oldies but goodies! 

Hope you all had an amazing Monday and go buy the new Shane & Shane CD NOW!!!!!!!! 

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