DIY {Headboard Awesomeness-Part Deux}

October 25, 2011

Since I had the late night of fun with friends on Friday I had a wonderful lazy morning on Saturday. I may or may not have slept in till 2. Don’t worry, I wasn’t completely worthless!!!

That night I had some more DIY fun! This time Mom and I worked on HER headboard and we built it from scratch! Yes, it was nerve wracking (mainly because the fabric we were using was an expensive silk that Mom could NOT buy more of because she bought all they had) but it was a success and we had a lot of fun in the process.
Here are all the fun details:

First start with the wood and foam. Ours was 1 inch thick.
Neat Fact: The Army Navy Store in downtown Greenville will cut any piece of foam for you, even if you have a funky shape as long as you have a template of the design.}

After spraying the wood with the adhesive press firmly on the foam to secure it to the wood.

Then take the batting; tighten and staple to the foam covering completely.

Lay out the fabric of choice and start tightening and stapling the fabric like above but also hammering the staples in completely all the way around.

Folding the corner down and stapling tightly so the corners won't pucker. 
{Katie Ayer... this picture is for you since you asked about the corners}

Once complete you will hang the headboard on the wall with a heavy duty hanging kit which are very easy to find on the internet. 
Then, voila! You have a custom made headboard to complete your room.

The main thing I like about a custom headboard is the availability to change it at any time, it’s such an easy way to make your room extra special and show off your personality.

Happy Tuesday, I’m hoping the rest of this busy week FLIES by!

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