Birthday Shananigans!

October 15, 2011

The past two nights were full of Birthday fun and I made sure to snap some pictures of all the fun... so glad I have such wonderful girlfriends. Life wouldn't be the same without them, that's for sure! 

Amanda is definitely Fabulous so this Birthday card is perfect! 

Making her wish... she seriously paused and closed her eyes before this.

All my favorite ladies... absolutely LOVE them! 

Lovely lace dress for Amanda's Black and White Birthday Party!!! 

Last night we had a Birthday Dinner for Kelley at Harry & Jean's... it's one of my faves. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is great. After dinner we went to sit by the fireplace (Which sadly was NOT on) and had some after dinner "dessert" drinks! YUM... Thanks Kelley for the invite! 

Kelley and Katie

My loves! :)

Can't wait for tonight!!!! Shane and Shane and some time with the lovely lady sitting to my left right up above! Love some Sauce and Sass (Joc and Cas) time... but add some men named Shane and a gal named Bethany, oh my.... it's going to be epic! Enjoy your Saturday everyone and look forward to some Jesus Praisin' Videos! Eeeep!!!

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