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October 24, 2011

The weekend flew by WAY too fast but it was a great one! Friday night was such a fun night and Sunday was busyyyyyy but super fun too! 

Friday night was the first Dinner Club in forever. I mean FOR-EV-ER! We ladies have been such slackers but finally all 7 of us made time for a girls night! The food was so yummy but I am sad that we didn't take any pictures. Totally bummed!

After we finished hanging out at Maddie's house a couple of us wanted to venture out downtown. I can't remember the last time I went out just to go out... and it was nice! There's a new Hookah Bar in downtown Greenville and I never thought that would fly but it's always packed. A little sketchy at times but definitely busy.

Kelley, Madison and I

Sunday was packed full... woke up for the 9:15 service at church (it was a great), had lunch with Mom (Midtown Deli-YUM), rushed around buying everything we needed for a fantastic night... and then we had our first cookout with sweet friends! The house was full of wonderful people and adorable babies!! 

What did I do on Saturday you ask....? Well, that is for tomorrow's post! :)

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