Nothing but blue skies... and a scratchy throat!

October 12, 2011

After days of rainy weather I was so happy to leave for work and not have to run to the car, ducking and dodging rain drops. I was also very excited to drive to work with this beautiful view.

via Instagram

Definitely had some rain in the forecast today but the glimpse of blue in the sky allowed me to forgive Mother Nature a little bit.

While sitting at my desk I started to squint. Not because I wasn’t wearing my glasses (which I was not) but because of the sun shining in to the office. Made me truly happy!!

Via Instagram

I’m also happy about this weekends beautiful, perfect weather for Fall for Greenville! Besides the fun to be had downtown I have a very exciting show to see, Shane & Shane with Bethany Dillon (Barnard).  
OH MY, OH MY, OHHH MY GOODNESS!!!  Haven’t seen them in YEARS and I’m just so excited. If you don’t know who they are you need to check them out. Beautiful music all for a perfect God! Pure bliss!! 
Just because I want to share the love here’s a great video of the Husband and Wife singing together... before they were husband and wife. 

Tomorrow is my friend/hair dresser’s Birthday and she has a Black and White party planned! Gotta do something BIG for a 30th! I’m sure everyone will have a blast because it’s impossible not to when Amanda is around! She is happiness, excitement, entertainment, and love all balled up into 1 beautiful person and I can’t wait to celebrate with her! 

Now here's to hoping and praying this scratchy throat doesn't turn into something more than that. Hot tea, vitamins and off to bed early tonight for me!! 


Kait H. said...

ok two things: these pictures are really beautiful and second.. thank you for sharin this video! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG!
I went on a missions trip to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, and we made a video of the trip, and during the footage of destruction we played this song. this is such a beautiful version of this song.

Kait H. said...

this is goin to be confusing but! the cello player on the right, in the beginning of the song is my boyfriend's roommates/best friend's ex girlfriend.. haha crazy right?!?! she plays with gungor too. when i started watchin that video i was like OH MY GOSH ITS CARA!! haha .. i texted my him last night and was like does cara play cello for shane and shane, and he said yes.. and confirmed it was her.. sooo weird! my boyfriend lives in nashville and is a drummer.. so there surrounded by musical talented constantly! :) anyways.. just thoguth i'd share that crazy thought with you! following you back! :)

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