Easter, 2018.

April 2, 2018

Starting Easter weekend with a delicious brunch, and an egg hunt in our back yard with my side of the family makes me so happy. I make my quiche and hashbrown casserole, everyone else brings the other important sides, and we have a fun morning. All the kids are getting so big. It was really fun to watch Solomon understand the egg hunt for the first time. He was still pretty confused last year, but he loved it this year. The weather was so nice all weekend, so it was great to spend a lot of time outside. Even if I'm paying for it now with my allergies. It was totally worth it!

Peter brought out the chicks after the fun egg hunting, and the kids were so excited!! 

I love Solomon in the photo below, because he's totally telling Joanna how to touch the chicken. I guess he's an expert now....?

cute baby Asher!!! I love his little face & I also love how much Shawn loves babies!!

Cute girls sitting in a tree!

The sun was so bright but I don't care, I love this one!! 

And Asher loves his Gigi and Mama so much, that cute smile kills me!!

Easter Sunday was a little hectic to begin with since I woke up with a crazy migraine. I was supposed to go teach sunday school with Peter for the first time since having Asher, but it wasn't happening. I ended up laying on the couch with a blanket over my head for about 30 minutes while some advil kicked in and made the pain go away. Once I was feeling back to normal I started to prep some food and get everything ready for my favorite holiday. I was so thankful things turned around. 

Solomon was impossible with photos all weekend, unless it was a candid shot. I fear he's getting at that toddler stage where he doesn't want to say cheese to the camera. He can be so stubborn, but I do love how "real life" these pictures are. He's a mess. But he's cute, lucky him. Asher was so cute all day, loving all the attention and cuddles from everyone. Even if his outfit was almost too small. So crazy, I bought it two weeks ago and it was very loose, and I could close the bowtie that came with it. I really  thought it would fit for Easter but he has gotten so big so quickly! These boys, it is so sweet to have two boys in our arms this year. 

Sweet brothers!
& sweet cousins!! 

forcing the boys to take pictures on the deck instead of hunt all those Easter eggs.... I was proud of them for trying their best. haha, they are all so cute!! I also love how all the kids had coordinated outfits without planning it out. I love all of them so much!

Gigi and Teta love for Asher!

& their freeeeeee! haha

baby girl!!!

I love this woman a whole lot!

& a photo with my husband and no babies, what?!?

Darth Vader eggs thanks to Auntie Mimi!! 

Those curls, kill me every single day!

& sweet kisses for mommy!

So much to be thankful for. Family, babies, delicious food and celebrating our risen savior. 
Easter weekend is my favorite, hands down!!!


Katherine said...

Sounds like a busy, yet special Easter!

Jenna Leigh said...

What a wonderful day!!! :)

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