weekly three.

April 27, 2018

Some weeks are a crazy roller coaster in this life as a mother, and this one has been one of the craziest for me, thus far. I have lost my temper, cried from frustration, asked my toddler for forgiveness and then cried happy tears when things turned around for the better. Each week is such a blur and I don’t even understand how our baby boy is seventeen weeks old today. I have also felt such a heaviness on my heart this week with it being Infertility Awareness Week. I know so many close friends who have struggled with a long journey in becoming a mother & I never want to take for granted the miracle I have experienced twice now with my two boys. I try my best to work endlessly to create little disciples for God and His kingdom. I also want to take time out of my crazy busy days to truly sit in thankfulness and pray for those who want to become a mother. It is such a huge responsibility and a blessing that I will forever be thankful for. 

HUGE flowers from our yard that have made me smile all week long in the kitchen

Spring is so beautiful and I love noticing the green trees and changing colors all around

Friday mornings at Swamp Rabbit and enjoying lunch before it's time to leave!
& by leave, I mean drag my screaming toddler to the car because he doesn't want to listen to mommy. Fun times! Happy Friday!! 

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