little letters.

April 10, 2018

dear allergies,
you can back off now.

dear thrush,
Seriously. Can. Not. Explain. Just how much I hate you. So happy that you are almost over.

dear chipotle,
I really wish you had a drive thru. This mom would really take advantage of that perk!

dear baby bump,
I miss you a lot. The aches and pains of pregnancy, not so much. But to feel beautiful and secure with growing curves, that I miss very much.

dear suitcases,
seriously can not wait to pack you full of fun summer clothes for vacation.

dear size nine month clothes,
I can't believe I just had to sort you and get you ready for Asher already.

dear size twelve month clothes,
I also can’t believe you actually fit Asher!

dear Psalms,
I'm really enjoying my quiet time with you most mornings.

dear rocking chair,
I’m so glad I finally moved you from Solomon’s room to Asher’s room. It was time, and so needed!

dear tree over our deck,
You are so pretty and I love when you bloom each year!


amy said...


Amanda | Maple Alps said...

I'm all for Chipotle having a drive-through - or a location close to mine. Hehe. Loved these little letters!

Shannon said...

If Chipotle had a drive through our lives would be so much better! Love this post.

Aubry said...

Yes to summer clothes! I'm so excited to wear less layers!

Jenna Leigh said...

I love this type of post! Psalms has been helping me too!!! :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Beautiful tree. And YES, I would love Chipotle to have a drive-thru. That would be so handy.


Elizabeth Mayberry said...

YAY! We are planning on getting a rocking chair for the baby's room and I cannot wait!

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