the best quiche ever.

April 4, 2017

Peter requested some bacon and quiche for breakfast on Saturday and I thought I should finally share my quiche recipe here on the blog!! I found this recipe a LONG time ago and I cant find it again to save my life. I've tried so many times and I have no idea how I found it so many years ago, but I feel like I have tweaked that recipe enough to make it my own. I love quiche because you can change the ingredients to make it exactly what you want to taste. So, here we go, this is what I do! 

Mom, you are finally sharing your secrets?!?

The Best Quiche Ever

1// blind baking the crust
this is very important. To do this, I place the crust in the dish and turn the oven on 370 to preheat. I put the crust in at this point and let it bake while the oven is heating up. Once the oven beeps and is finished preheating I take the crust out. That amount of time and slowly heating up the crust makes it perfect to add the egg mixture. This keeps the crust from getting soggy from the eggs. I also use a store bought crust but one day I want take the extra step to make my own crust. Store bought is just so much easier!!! 

2 // onions
raw onions are NOT my thing, but yummy sauteed onions, are definitely my thing. This is my main secret for the quiche since it gives the crust a wonderful earthy flavor. While the crust is blind baking, I put a small diced white onion in a pan with 1 TBSP of butter, a pinch of salt and pepper and 1 TSP of oregano. I let the onions cook until they are brownish black and soft. Once the crust is finished blind baking and is removed from the oven, I add the onions to the crust and lightly press them into the crust with a spoon. 

3 // mix the eggs
for one quiche I use five eggs, 1 cup of heavy cream, pinch of salt and pepper, 1 TSP of paprika, and whatever yummy additions I craving. I whisk each ingredient in separately to make sure it is all mixed well. I usually use around 1.5 CUPS of cheese for the mixture. 
For this quiche, I only used shredded white cheddar, but I'll share some of my favorite quiches below. 

4 // pour it all in
once I'm done with the mixing I pour the egg mixture into the dish on top of the onions. (you can also add sauteed spinach or kale to the onions, you will just need to press them into the crust very lightly, like the onions!) Some of the onions will float to the top and that is okay, it will add some extra flavor throughout the quiche. I then use the whisk to evenly distribute the cheese and any other added ingredients so they aren't all lumped in the middle. 

5 // top with cheese
this is pretty simple.... I top the quiche with any left over cheese. I start out with about 2 CUPS of cheese so the 1/2 CUP will be sprinkled on top. 

6 // bake
the quiche will take about 20 minutes to bake at 370. I normally check on it after 15 minutes but it usually takes 20-25 minutes. The egg will puff up really high and then settle once it is almost done. I always take a fork or knife and check the center of the quiche to see if it comes out clean. Once that happens I remove it from the oven and let it set for 5 minutes.

Mmmm, hot gooey quiche perfection!

Favorite Quiche Comboniations
feta & bacon
spinach, ham & cheddar
red pepper & pepper jack
swiss & mushroom

you can mix anything you want and make your own creation!
(all combos have the onion with the crust)

It still makes me giddy to look over and see that ring on his left hand.... 

Solomon usually prefers some avocado instead of eggs, haha!

Hope you love making your very own PERFECT quiche!!! Please let me know what mixtures you try and let me know if you have any questions :) enjoy!

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