Asher // four months.

April 30, 2018

Dear sweet boy,
You are growing into the sweetest momma’s boy and I absolutely love it! You definitely love your big brother and your daddy too, but I’m crazy about that special bond we have. You give me the most precious smiles that I love so much, and watching you search the room for me when you are upset, is the sweetest thing to see.

I’m rocking you to sleep right now in your room which seems to be taking a lot longer than normal thanks to that scary Wonder Week #4. I remember this one being a doozy with your brother but I don’t mind the extra cuddles. You have gotten so big in the past month and feeling the weight of your body rest against my chest will never get old.

I’m still figuring out all the many ways you are you and so different than Solomon. Even from the beginning, in almost every single way, you have been his opposite. I don’t say this as a bad thing at all, but you have definitely kept me guessing. It is super sweet how we have settled into our rhythm now and we understand each other. You have your quirks and I look forward to them everyday. 

You wake up so happy and are almost always smiling, unless you aren't getting enough attention. You definitely love your eye contact and will demand to be seen if you want it. I can see bits and pieces of a very stubborn boy in your personality, which makes me a little nervous. Thankfully, your happy moments definitely outweigh the stubborn ones! Your hair is growing so quickly and getting thicker and darker, and your big brown eyes make me think of your daddy all day long. I love how much you look like him and I pray that you have his gentleness and learn his patience, too. 

You are my happy boy and I love watching you grow so quickly! You can slow down anytime now....

Love you so much!

& a special naked baby shot, cause I can't resist blowing raspberries on that belly!

stats //  20.5 lbs & 26.5 in.

eating // during the days he is normally 3-4 hours apart but after his late nap he usually eats every 2 hours till bedtime.

sleeping // he is still such a great sleeper!! We had a little bit of a rough patch at the beginning of the 4th leap, but I'm hopeful that we are over that now. The past two nights he has slept for 7 hours straight, and two nights in a row makes me really hopeful!
His typical day includes a 9:30-11:30 nap, then a 1:30-3:30 nap and one last nap around 5:30 that will last for an hour at most. He usually wakes up just in time for me to go get him before I can eat dinner... ;)  then he will go to sleep for the night between 9-10.

wearing // definitely out of all 6 month clothes and mostly wearing 12 month and some 9 month. The 6-12 month clothes from Gap or Old Navy really fit him well though! 

firsts // we celebrated Easter with two bunnies this year, battled the dreaded thrush for a while, had his first vacation in Cancun, had his first bottle & actually liked it so mommy and daddy could go on a date, and stayed in the church nursery for the first time!
favorite things // talking and even growling and squealing at times, hitting things with his hands, watching Solomon and anything he's doing, sucking on his fingers and his upper lip (which is so cute, just like his brother did!), and he's getting better at tummy time & trying his best to roll over. 


julie @ a hopeful hood said...

He's in 6-12 month clothing already?! That's amazing! Also, I'm SO SO jealous he is sleeping for you! Emma still wakes up like 2x a night......womp womp

amy said...

I'm sure you're LOVING that he's being a good sleeper! <3
Als, he is definitely growing - how much fun is that?!?

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

GAH! They grow up so fast! I cannot even believe it!

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