our trip to Cancun.

April 25, 2018

I've been trying so hard to get this post finished but it kept being pushed aside. We got home on Saturday night and I shared a late weekly three post on Sunday that gave a glimpse of our trip. And of course I shared bits and pieces of our days and nights on Instagram while we were away, but I really love to share all the special moments here. It's so nice to have all the fun things that filled our trip and all the little things that I probably would forget if I didn't have the chance to record it on my blog. One of my favorite things to do is look back at our past travels on my little Cloud Nine, after all. 

Since this was Asher's first big trip, and his very bad history with car rides, I was understandably nervous. The sweet boy is so happy and lovable, but he isn't quite as chill as his brother, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did! We had two flights to Cancun and then two home, both times he barely cried. He nursed, slept and then woke up with smiles and then slept some more. Solomon did very well also, and enjoyed having his own seat most of the time. So thankful for these happy little travelers!!

We went to find some amazing food and margaritas as soon as we arrived to our resort since our all inclusive didn't start till the next day. We ended up coming back to this same restaurant for our last meal before heading home since the all inclusive ended at 4PM on our last day. It was very good, and the atmosphere was so fun.

Solomon was so excited to spend time with his cousin from NJ since we don't get to see them as much as his other cousins. I love that they got to make so many fun memories together! Asher also had a lot of fun watching them play in the water while we spent most of the time in the shade. 

The views from our patio were to die for. Waking up and having coffee or midday snacks out on the porch was so nice. 

Daddy definitely got to enjoy most of the playtime with Solomon since I was taking care of Asher. We were both exhausted each day and took naps with the boys most of the time. I love the picture below of Peter, it really shows how tired he was after a day in the hot sun and making sure Solomon didn't drown in the pool. HA! And of course it shows how stinkin cute Asher is, also!!!

The gorgeous views for dinner each night were also a favorite part of the trip. I loved seeing the sunset while we had dinner and tried our best to get a family shot of us four. This one above is probably the best one and I love it. 

All of these pictures of our balloon hats are so grainy and blurry but I couldn't resist sharing them. They are so funny and happy (besides poor Asher) and captured the moment so well. I was so surprised they made a hat for Asher, and so was he, as you can tell. Don't worry, we took it off once the photo was taken. I also love how Solomon is stuffing his face in the pictures. He definitely enjoyed having dessert every night after dinner. 

Solomon flying his first kite! So cute!!

yet another beautiful night with a perfect view... & those arm rolls on Asher make me almost die. I can't handle how yummy he is!!!

I was so thankful for some sweet moments with Solomon during the trip too. He is definitely a daddy's boy lately, and I love watching them together, but I really love it when he wants his mommy close by. I'll take all the cuddles and kisses I can get!

Our last night all together at another beach so the boys could play in the water. The beach at our resort wasn't the safest for them to play, so it was nice to take the ride on the big shuttle bus to this calmer beach. It was a really sweet way to end the trip!  

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