Halloween 2017.

November 1, 2017

Halloween was so much fun this year! Solomon was all about being a baseball player, so we decided to be his biggest fans and cheer him on the whole time. He couldn't even carry his Halloween bag since he was so busy with his bat and baseball. It was pretty cute.... It was a fun night. Starting with hot dogs at Gigi's house and then trick or treating at Jaden & Jonah's house with the gang of cousins. 

All four of the Yankee fans!! 

Solomon enjoying his first piece of Halloween candy! Last year was full of fruit and crackers, but this year was a little tricky, we couldn't get away with that. We did try to sneak in some better candy choices, which he gladly let us pick for him! 

My boys! I can't wait to see what we all dress up like next year!!

Here's a look back at the past years of dress up fun....
2015 2016

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