Thanksgiving 2017.

November 25, 2017

I thought today would be a good day to share some of the pictures from our thanksgiving. Most of these are candid shots and I sadly didn't even get a family photo of us. This pregnancy is making me so absent minded when it comes to photos.... I guess I'm just super uncomfortable most of the time so I forget. I'm definitely bummed about it, but it was still a great day. Watching all he kidos together (and knowing we will have one more crawling or almost walking around next year) makes me so happy!! 

One of my favorite Turkey Day traditions has to be the parade and looking at sale papers with my mom. Once Peter and I got married we continued the tradition, she comes over to our house and we make some breakfast, while we watch the parade together. This was the first year that Solomon was excited to watch it, which was pretty cute. He just kept saying WOW over and over. Peter made his famous breakfast bagels with some bacon, and we all piled up on the couch with the sales papers, that my mom picked up on the way over. 

YAY! Huge balloons!

Lunch always takes place at Peter's Mom's house and I'm always excited for the delicious Arabic meals that we have to choose from. I normally skip the turkey at her house so I'll have room for my mom's turkey at dinner. It's funny how I had to be even more strategic this year, since I didn't have a lot of room for food, thanks to Asher. 

Arabic desserts are also a big treat!!! YUM!
& Celebrating Joy's birthday!

I found these little turkey masks at Hobby Lobby and knew that the boys would love to color them.
It was a big hit, Solomon even sat alone and colored for almost 20 minutes. 

After spending the day with Peter's side, we head to my mom's house for a southern style Thanksgiving. I always look forward to the broccoli casserole, YUUUUUM, it's my favorite. Solomon loves broccoli also, and when he asked for some and I put a piece on his plate, he was so confused. He looked at me like, this is not green! Haha, he wasn't a fan of the casserole but he sure did love Gigi's mashed potatoes! 

Joni's amazing carrot cake and my chocolate pecan pie!!

Solomon is kind of obsessed with musical instruments, and the violin is one of his favorites, so we asked Joanna to bring hers and play some songs for us. Solomon's face was priceless!!
The picture below was when he requested Frosty the Snowman, ha! 

More coloring, we are definitely thankful for coloring this year! 

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