Solomon Says // 001

November 7, 2017

I've been wanting to keep some of the cute things that Solomon says in one place, since he is talking more than ever now. I honestly never know what is going to come out of his mouth. I'm know this will only increase with age, but it's pretty adorable in this season of his life right now. I love watching his mind work and put things together, it's like magic. Motherhood, just a whole bunch of magic!!

I also couldn't wait to share a couple of my favorite shots of Solomon from our maternity session with Molly Neely Photography. I'm excited to share some more in the next week or two, and I'm really excited about our newborn family session, after Asher joins us!

nong // He cannot say the word gone at all. This is probably what pushed me to make a list of things he's saying because it is so funny and we just don't understand it. I know I'll miss it once he starts saying it correctly. Anytime he finishes his food or a snack he exclaims, all nong, with this big smile. It's hilarious, and so precious!

sour cream // This isn't really something he says but he is obsessed with sour cream. In the grocery store he will scream it when we are near the dairy section and he sees the sour cream section. We were at dinner one night and we were trying to decide what kind of sampler appetizer to get at a mexican restaurant, so we asked Solomon if he would want salsa or guacamole since he loves both... he didn't even hesitate and said sour cream. HA! We died laughing. He definitely has a mind of his own.

baseball // Everything is about baseball lately. Baseball shoes, baseball gloves (even his garden gloves he wears around the house is for baseball now), and any kind of stick is a baseball bat. Poor kid wants to watch baseball on TV all the time but now that the world series is over, there isn't any to watch. The majority of his day would be spent outside playing baseball if he could. I love it! I've always been a fan of baseball since my brother grew up playing and I always dreamed of having little baseball players of my own, so I'll take it. I can't wait to get him involved with T-ball and even watch The Sandlot with him one day.

no, I'm fine // this is a new thing that he has just started in the last week that cracks me up. Anytime I'm trying to do something he doesn't want, like wipe his nose or change his diaper or even clean his hands after eating, he tells me - No, I'm fine! Usually with his hand up in the air at me. It's so funny... I think he might have picked this up from his cousin Jonah, but I don't mind cause it's so cute.

Gigi's Big Boy // my mom has taught him that he is her big boy, so when she asks him, whose big boy are you & he responds with Gigi's Big Boy! Sometimes he will say no, Gigi's baby too which is pretty cute. Then you can say what about mommy and he'll say Mommy's monkey, and Mama (my grandma) is Mama's Buddy. Another cute one is when we ask whose best friend are you, and he'll say Wyatt's Best Friend, which I love also. It's so fun to see him love people and care for them in his own special way.

I can't wait to see this little monkey grow up!!! He's changing more and more lately, and I know that won't slow down anytime soon. He is my little monkey, and I love it! 

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