pregnancy post // month eight.

November 15, 2017

Weeks 29-32
pictures are seriously lacking for month eight, which makes me feel awful, but month nine will be different! 

29 weeks: 
  • round ligament pain was really rough at the beginning of the week and caused a lot of problems with sleep. 
  • also needing to get up to have cereal at night because I'm so hungry 
  • pubic bone is very uncomfortable with a lot of pressure. Baby boy seems to be getting bigger by the day!
  • a busy weekend of walking at the apple orchard, and fall for greenville was a LOT, but it was also fun. 

30 weeks:

  • my cousins and aunt gave me a beautiful family baby shower and it was such a sweet morning!!!
  • can't believe we have 10ish weeks left before we get to meet our new baby boy!!!! I'm so excited!
  • Peter was away in Augusta for work and I could tell how worn out I was by the end of the day. I missed him a lot and I'm so thankful for how much he helps when he is home. 
  • had a check up with the midwives and all was good! Head is still down, lots of movement and the heart rate was 160. 

31 weeks:
  • helped my SIL with my nephews bday party which worked my pregnant butt to death. We were both so tired by Saturday but it was fun!
  • Celebrated Halloween with our little family, excited about next year and looking forward to dressing up as a family  of four.
  • Starving all the time!!!! I feel like I can't stop eating or snacking
  • The cleaning and nesting is crazy right now, but the pelvic pain is also awful, so I'm trying to take it slow and easy as much as possible. 

32 weeks:
  • sick with a really bad head cold and lost my voice, which you can tell by picture above! 
  • finally working in Asher's room thanks to my mom and Peggy's help, also captured in picture above!!
  • the full pregnant lips have appeared, or so I have been told. 
  • pelvic area is so sensitive and sore. 
  • nesting like crazy and loving it!!!
next month will have better pictures, promise!! ;)

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