Halloween 2015.

November 3, 2015

Our first Halloween was a success, simple and easy, but it was fun!! Solomon got to see his friend Wyatt for a little while and then our Mom's came over to have dinner with us. Peter grilled steaks and they were delicious! We also had one door bell ring for candy and I felt terrible since we didn't prepare for Trick or Treaters. When I went to the door with green apples in my hand I could see the look of sadness in the kids eyes. I told them I was sorry that we didn't have any candy but that apples were good for them, ha! They slowly opened their bags and let me drop the apples in. I then shut our front door and turned the light off, oops... sorry random kids that came by our house! 

Our sweet baby boys! So happy that Katie and I got to spend some time together over the weekend.

Daddy's little monster, I love these two so much!

Halloween 2015 was wonderful and I have so many ideas about next years costumes....
Hope you all had a fun & safe Halloween full of yummy treats! Not apples. ;) 

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