loving two.

November 21, 2017

Sometimes, I forget to truly take the time to sit and think about the second little miracle growing in my belly, because of this busy life as a mom. I think most moms feel this way with their second child, and I expected it, but it's still heart breaking in a way. I think about all the time and moments that I had with my first pregnancy to sit and wonder and write and dream about what life would be like as a mom. This time around, I'm already in it. 

I'm listening to a sweet little voice all day.... Mommy, hold you.... Mommy, eat.... Mommy, play.... but I'm so looking forward to watching my second little love learn who their mommy is. Watching him lock eyes with me for the first time. Spending the many hours of nursing and rocking during the night. Eventually hearing my important name of Momma leave his lips as he's looking up at me with love. Being a mom to two is a dream come true for sure. 

At night I lay in bed, able to be a mom of one for a little while, a mom to the little guy that is wiggling and kicking around inside of me. I'm ready to sleep and rest but he's ready to say hello. He wakes up with his a long round of hiccups, that I feel may never end, but eventually we both settle for the night and sleep. I never want to forget those little moments with our second boy before he is in our arms. These moments are so important to me, even if I don't get to constantly think about them, like I did the first time around. 

Loving two is such a blessing and I can't wait to feel my heart grow to make room for Asher. I know it will double in size, and I'll love him and Solomon even more because of it. The days are flying by and the end of December will be here so soon. Then I'll be able to hold our new little guy. I can't wait for that day to arrive.

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