meeting Silas.

May 18, 2016

He is finally here! Solomon's little boy cousin from my side of the family. We have SO MANY boy cousins on daddy's side of the family so it is exciting to have a new one from my side. I don't think we will ever "catch up" but it is fun to try ;) 

Yesterday we went to the hospital to meet the new baby boy and my heart was racing with so many emotions. Look how tiny! Ah, my baby is so big!!! How did this happen so fast. I want another baby NOW! Man, I can't wait to be pregnant again. Calm down, breath, don't cry. Hahaha.... I was feeling all those things the second I held him! I think it killed me even more once I realized that Silas was born almost a whole pound bigger than Solomon was. My baby was even tinier than this?!? Waaaaah! The journey of motherhood is so bittersweet!! 

big sisters watching their brother drink some milk, I love this picture so much!!

And trying to get all the kids in one picture was crazy. Solomon was trying to grab his passy the entire time (the only time he has given any interest in the things, HA!) and I was so afraid of his big hands trying to grab tiny little Silas. 

We love you, little man!! Can't wait to see you grow up and watch all the fun you and Solomon will have together. Eight months apart will seem like nothing one day in the near future!

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