May 16, 2016

The weekend was full of beautiful springy summer weather and I loved it! The Artisphere festival was going on in Greenville and I was dying to go check it out. I always miss it for some reason, and honestly I never wanted to go downtown for big festivals, since I worked downtown every day. But, now is a different story, I want to go downtown all the time. It was so nice to walk through the streets and see all the beautiful art. The afternoon included all the great festival things... sunshine, food, beer & fun! I'm glad we found time to check it out and enjoy the weather.

glass blowing, so neat!

my guys!

Trappe Door had a tent so we had to get some fries and a lamb slider! 
Their homemade mayo is so good, I couldn't pass them by when we saw them on the menu.

Some live music called for a ride on daddy's shoulders for the first time!
It was so cute and he didn't really understand why he was there so he just tried to eat his hair.

Hope your weekend was beautiful and sunny like ours!

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