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May 6, 2016

It has been a quiet week here on the blog, almost no posts at all until I couldn't go to sleep on Wednesday night and decided to write my little post about the things I love about being a momma. Family has been in town for Mother's Day this weekend so I've been spending time with my sweet nephews and we still have two more coming today. I'm so excited for all six of them to be together for the first time. It has been a big week for Solomon since he has been moving and pulling up on everything. We had our first accident last night when he fell and hit the coffee table. It was scary and the bump on his forehead was so big so fast, but thankfully he was okay, and there is barely a spot now. What a great way to go into Mother's Day weekend.... a bump on the babies head and momma almost having a heart attack! 

We had a lot of fun at the Children's Museum with some friends but I'm even more excited
to go back when he is walking and exploring even more! 
It will be so much fun, but for now, the water tables were a big hit! 

Yummy lasagna that my Sis-in-law made for the family last night. 
It was the first time I didn't eat Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo 
but we will make up for that tonight since we are going out to dinner for my uncles birthday!

Looking back on my "first" Mother's Day last year!!
Such a sweet time, and thanks to this picture I decided to cut my hair next week, haha!

I also want to take a moment to say that my prayers are with those of you who want so desperately to be a mom and find pain in this weekend. I pray that you know that your identity is found in Jesus Christ and that He can make your heart whole more than anything else can. Being a mother is such a blessing for me and I pray that you will find that blessing in your life one day!

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