things i love about being a momma.

May 5, 2016

In honor of the fun weekend ahead, I thought I'd share a few things that mean motherhood to me that I didn't realize would happen. I had all these expectations and dreams of being a momma and most of those are a part of my life now, but there are some sweet surprises that I also love. 

that sweet little tongue smile kills me everyday!

1 // my hair is in a constant ponytail. The times I try to wear it down last maybe half a day. If I'm at home, they last for an hour, tops.

2 // when I'm rocking Solomon to sleep I can barely keep my eyes open, then when he's in his crib I can't sleep in the bed, then of course once I finally fall alseep he wakes up to eat again. It's a very annoying nightly routine for me, but then I bring him to our bed and we snuggle and we both sleep like a rock. 

3 // all the awesome moms that I have met since becoming one. It has been such a blessing to meet women that are walking down the same road you are. The tired, confusing, but wonderful and hilarious road of motherhood. It is amazing to find something in common with someone and instantly connect because of this season of life we are living in.

4 // I never realized how much cleaning I could do in an hour until naptime happens. It's like a whirlwind of power.... I can empty the dishwasher, reload it with the dirty dishes, collect the dry diapers, stuff them while eating lunch, and maybe even vacuum once I'm done. Incredible. 

5 // the awesome way that I love my mom deeper and more fully now, because I now understand what she means when she says she loves me more. All of my life, anytime I would say I love you, she'd respond with "I love you more" and I always smiled and believed her, but man.... This love is like no other and I get it now. 

& nursing, oh how much I love feeding this little man every day and night. SO MUCH!

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