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May 20, 2016

It has been such a sweet week! Peter has been home for a while now and I feel like we are getting into the spring time groove. It is so wonderful to have him home and not feel a pending work trip creeping up on us. Solomon is obsessed with his daddy and I love watching them together. My sweet guys, I'm excited for a laid back weekend with them, hiding from all the rain! Hope yours is great!!!

Gelato on a Monday afternoon, all is right in the world! 
& they had a peanut butter flavor for the first time.... Eeeep. 

I wish I read this book the second I had Solomon and realized that I didn't want to do the "training" type parenting style. My friend Laura said one time that Attachment Parenting should be called common sense parenting, and that is so true, but I think I would have questioned myself a lot less if I had this book to go by from the start. Oh well, add this to the list of things I will know for the next kid, ha!

Wearing my S necklace for the first time!! I misplaced this sweet Christmas gift from my cousin and recently found it, I love it and Solomon loves to play with it while he nurses. 

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