it's a special day.

May 23, 2016

Peter's Birthday is today!
I love birthdays and I really love him, so it is definitely a special day!! 
To celebrate his day, I thought I would share 11 Things that I'm thankful for and love about him.
I shared 11 Things a while ago, before we were married, and since I love him even deeper now, I wanted to share some more!

He loves the Lord and seeks Him & His will in everything.
I love that he never hides his faith and will openly share it with anyone. 

The fun we have when we travel together, it is one of my favorite things to do with him.
Seeing new places, eating amazing food and making memories!

He can make me laugh like no other!

I didn't just marry Peter, I got to marry into this crazy family!
Yes, they are crazy, but I love it for some reason?!?

He makes awesome coffee!!!

He taught me the love of great beer, Mmmm!!!

He always loves to dance with me! 
His dance skills are what made me notice him in the first place, after all.

The way he supported me during pregnancy and giving birth to Solomon is something
I will never forget. He was the best partner and the amount of strength that he gave me was unreal!

He made me a momma and helped me create our precious boy!

He is such a fun daddy and loves being a father so much! 
I'm so thankful for his heart and how hands on he is with everything, 
Solomon and I are so lucky!!

I would follow him anywhere! He makes being a submissive, helpful, & loving
wife easy and fun. I trust him because I know that he trusts the Lord and that is something
I will always love about him and be thankful for. 

Love you so much, babe!

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