a day in our life // 002

May 19, 2016

I loved sharing our day back in January and I wanted to start this series because I thought it would be fun to remember the little parts of my day during the stages of being a stay at home mom. The days have changed quite a bit since Solomon is eating three meals a day and crawling everywhere now, so I thought it would be fun to write down and capture all the little details in our life at this moment. 

Wednesday // 05.18.16

Solomon wouldn't sleep in his crib last night so we cuddled most of the night in the bed. Thankfully he slept like a rock but drank a lot of milk and was attached to me almost every time I woke up. Sometimes I just have to be his passy and feed him all night. Last night was one of those nights. It is sweet to be needed and I love to cuddle with him as long as he's not fighting sleep and crying! ;)

9:00 - wake up for the morning
We lay in bed and cuddle some more and take some snapchat pictures because it is a fun way to start the day. He thinks it is funny to see his face change shapes and I personally loved the old lady face because I definitely feel this way when I first wake up! HA! 

9:20 - coffee and playtime
After a diaper change upstairs we come downstairs to start our morning routine. I'm so thankful that Solomon has started to love playing by himself the past few weeks. His morning always starts with him playing in his pack and play while I enjoy my coffee in the living room floor and do some blogging things. (aka, this.) 

10:10 - eat breakfast
I get him out of the pack and play and we eat a banana together while he plays with some toys and I watch The Voice from last night. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are a favorite because of this reason!! I'm going to be so sad when the season is over.

10:35 - laundry
Time to fold laundry and wash diapers while Solomon is playing with toys in the living room beside me. 

10:45 - milk break
He was being super fussy and no toys would make him happy so I asked if he wanted some milk and he crawled over to me as fast as he could and crawled in my lap. I melted of course.... The sweetest boy alive! 

11:05 - get ready for nap
Head upstairs to change a dirty diaper and also change the crib sheets since they needed to be changed while I let him play on the floor with his toys in his room. The little stinker dirties his diaper AGAIN and I fight him to change it. He's not a fan of changing diapers recently! 

11:30 - naptime
He's tired and yawning so we rock and he drinks milk till he falls asleep. 

11:40  - busy time
Peanut is sleeping in the crib so I get ready for the day and start to clean the house since is a mess from the past two busy days. I also hang the diapers to dry & put in a load of laundry. Peter comes home for lunch so he heats up some pita bread for me so I can eat quickly while I clean and fold more laundry. I'm learning that parenthood pretty much means you never stop doing laundry. 

12:20 - finish lunch and relax
The folding is done for now and I finish eating my lunch and guzzle down some water since I haven't been drinking enough today. Peter and I hang out and watch some TV before he heads back to work. 

1:20 - wake up
Little man is awake so I run the folded laundry upstairs to put them away before going to grab him. We do the normal, diaper change, change him out of his PJs, and then I finally start organizing all the clothes that he doesn't fit in anymore since I got the vacuum bags for storage. 

2:40 - lunch
He is getting cranky and clingy so I change his diaper, take him downstairs and give him some milk. After he is finished sipping on some milk, I start to heat up his lunch, sweet potatoes (with cinnamon for the first time!) and some yogurt. He loves it!!! 

3:10 - playtime 
Solomon is back in the pack and play while I clean up after lunch and put the clothes in the dryer that I washed earlier today. I let him play while I'm vacuuming the living room and kitchen. 

3:40 - more playtime
He is tired of playing solo and wants some attention from momma. We sit on the living room floor together and play until naptime at 4. 

4:00 - naptime
Upstairs for diaper change and I sit down to rock him and nurse him till he's snoozing. It takes about 10 minutes and he's in the crib for his nap while I run downstairs to edit this blog post and add the photos I've taken so far. 

5:00 - workout 
While I'm watching the news I get in the living room floor and do some yoga/pilates until he wakes up. 

5:15 - bad dream
I'm guessing he had a bad dream since he woke up with a scared cry. I went to get him and nursed him on the couch till he was happy and awake again. We played with his toys waiting for daddy to get home from work!

6:00 - daddy is home
Our favorite time of day! Peter is home and he takes Solomon out in the yard (an everyday thing that he loves!) and I go upstairs to freshen up and get ready to go out for dinner. We decided to go to Brixx tonight for pizza since we had a BOGO pizza coupon! 

The rest of the night was normal family time, my favorite!!! 

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