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April 20, 2016

We are back from the beautiful city of Chicago and I'm excited to share some of the fun things we did. A big chunk of this trip was spent with family since Peter's cousin got married over the weekend. That was the main reason for going, but since my mom was coming to help out with Solomon so we could go to the reception baby-less, we decided to add a little vacation time since she'd never been. It was such a wonderful weekend and the weather was amazing most of the time! After the wedding fun was over, we switched hotels so we could be in the city for the rest of the trip. It was nice to enjoy the beautiful sunny day with family. I jokingly asked Peter if we could buy a summer condo in the city because it is so amazing and beautiful when the sun in shining!

I was super excited to finally make time to go see "the bean" and take some fun photos!

A lot of the cousins that stuck around for an extra day after the wedding or had a late flight monday night. It was great to have some extra family time since we don't get to see them that often. 

After the pictures at the bean, we took a little walk over the bridge to the Maggie Daley Park to let the kids play. It was so fun to watch all the excitement on the many faces there. It was PACKED because of the gorgeous day!

Daddy taking Solomon down his first slide!! :)
More fun from Chicago tomorrow.... 
and it might even flow over into next week because I got a little camera happy! 

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