busy weekends.

April 5, 2016

I'm a  big fan of busy weekends with family and friends because I love to stay on the go and spend time with those I love. Over this past weekend, we had a full schedule with a baby shower for my cousin and a wedding for another cousin. A lot of love and family, for sure! There was also a lot of pollen all over Greenville and I didn't have much of a voice for most of the weekend. Sadly, the allergies have turned into a cold I think, so I'm a little late posting all these sweet pictures but, better late than never! 

My cousin, Joni, is so excited to welcome her first boy! 
After two girls, this little man is going to be so loved and spoiled!!!

I can't believe Joanna is big enough to hold my baby.... so crazy!

Of course, Joni also made the cake and cupcakes since she is so talented and insisted on designing them. They were so cute, she is incredible! 

Then, on Sunday, we got to celebrate my cousin Meghan and her marriage to her sweet man, Matt! They are so perfect together and I loved watching them tie the knot. The wedding was an afternoon ceremony and dessert reception. My weekend included a lot of sweets & I definitely didn't mind! 

Meghan let me bring Jocie as my date since Peter was out of town! 
It was nice to have some girl time!! 

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